Chapter One
Decoding the Divine

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"Shamanic  Drumming:
 Portal  into  Knowing"

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Shamanic journeying is common to indigenous cultures worldwide.  By listening to a steady percussive beat, the shaman "travels" into other planes of existence beyond space and time ...into non-ordinary reality.  Listening to this shamanic drumbeat of 4 beats per second alters your brainwaves to help you access an altered state of consciousness. 

You can set an intention to use this altered state to receive spiritual guidance, to connect with the forces of nature, to assist with healing, to access help for problem solving or other goals.

Your shamanic journey should always be done in a sacred, responsible, respectful way for the highest good of all concerned.  For your first journey, I suggest that you intend to become acquainted with a Power Animal or Guide.  At the end, upon hearing the rapid 'Call Back' drumbeat, you are to come back to full, waking consciousness, although you are in control and can end your journey earlier if desired.

Track 1: 
Calling in Protection & Support and Setting your Intention  Length:  2 min.

Track 2:
    20 minute Drumming with Call Back  
Length:  22 min.

Track 3:    
Calling in Protection & Support and Setting your Intention
   Length: 2 min.

Track 4:    
40 Minute Drumming with Call Back    Length:  42 min.

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