Chapter One
Decoding the Divine

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"Guided Meditation
    to a Higher Realm"


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"Generessa's voice conveys the love of God, and one can't help but feel loved by God -- truly amazing."  ~ Sue-Ann Wheat

"I've listened to so many meditation CDs, but this is the only one that gets me to unwind at the end of the day!  I listen to it every night and it's still playing in the morning.  Thanks!" 
~ Jan Wright

"This CD has timeless value because it's whatever I need it to be each time I listen to it.  I'm having my own unique, custom-made experience in that moment, so what I get out of it is always useful and timely.  Thank you!  ~ Jennifer Fields

"It's easier for me to go into a higher vibration listening to Generessa because she is already vibrating at that high level."  ~ Sandy Sullivan

"The guided meditation is fantastic!"  ~ Anita Sandy

"Even my cats love it when I put on your CD on 'repeat play.'  They
curl up and exude peace!"
  ~ Susan Wharton

"When I go into the store before customers arrive, I play your CD full
blast to infuse the store with your positive energies.  I found that my sales have picked up ... customers can feel the uplifting, loving energy.  Thanks!"
  ~ Store Manager

"You have an awesome voice that is full of unconditional love."
~ Ann Harwood

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Track 1:
  Guided Meditation to a Higher Realm
Accompanied by ephemeral music, Generessa's soothing, encouraging voice allows the world to drop away so that you can achieve an inner journey to the Higher Realm awaiting you at that moment.  Use this custom-fit meditation to access elevated realms, a more peaceful, clear perspective, and to receive a specific personal message from Higher Guidance.
Length:  37 minutes

Track 2:
  Centered Within Your Divine Light
quick tune-up that centers you and clears non-beneficial energies from other sources out of your system.  This centering exercise enlivens and empowers your own beautiful Divine Light, reminding yourself of your True Nature.  It's an essential way to begin your day and center yourself throughout the day.  You can also use it to prepare yourself for sleep.
Length:  16 minutes

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