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Getting Personal with

The Matrix of Everything
Presentation By
Generessa Rose
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 After watching the DVD, people said. . .

 ) "Regarding intentions, it goes beyond the Abraham teachings
         about manifesting. . . "
 ) "The Mother Matrix information was awe-inspiring!"
 ) "Watched your movie and loved it! LOVED it! When I get too
         ungrounded, I put it in and get back into a state of grace."
 ) "Thank you for expanding my possibilities!"
 ) "It certainly merits many watchings!"   
 ) "Useful and inspiring. . ." 
 ) "This has many layers of healing for me. . ."  
 ) "I want to give it to every person on the street!" 
 ) "It shifted my whole view about the female role. . ." 
 ) "Inspiring and such a gift to the planet!"
    ) "The beautiful pictures are so helpful ... wonderful visuals!
        They really help the information go into me."
    ) "Hearing Generessa read one of her journeys really helped
        me to experience it!"

) "What a thrill to listen to Generessa Rose!  I have always
        practiced positive thinking but never connected it with the
        Universe acting on my thoughts.  Thank you for this exciting
        DVD.  I have so much to learn!"
    ) "Instead of telling us what we're doing wrong, this tells us
        what to do that's right!

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Getting Personal with the Matrix of Everything
stretches your consciousness, enlightens your mind, strengthens your heart and energizes your spirit with information based upon shamanic journeys into the universal Matrix of Everything.  Generessa reveals the consciousness  found in the quantum world and describes the amazing interactions that underlie the creation of 'What Is' . . . and YOU!

Do you want to know how possibilities become actualities?  Contrary to current theories of physics, mind alone does NOT create matter.  Learn all about the creative fireworks in the quantum Mother Matrix!  The interplay of male and female energies will amaze you and add a new dimension of understanding about the female role in the Matrix of Everything. 

In this groundbreaking presentation, you develop a personal connection to the quantum matrix of potentiality and learn that it is delighted to manifest your intentions.  You discover that the Creation is an enthusiastic, loving ally!  

Science has proven that you have the ability to influence matter.  Now learn how to align with the Matrix and gain an enhanced ability to manifest your intentions!

You'll have fun with the unique technique you're given to help you shift your energy and align with the Matrix of Everything!

In addition, your spirit is revitalized by connection with more of who you truly are, and you achieve a richer sense of oneness with everything everywhere!
Main presentation running time 1 hr 27 min

The Creation knows you ...
Isn't it time you got to know it?

Bonus #1:  Flow State  Close your eyes and relax while Generessa leads you step-by-step on her journey into Flow State.  Emerge refreshed and ready to enter the flow of your own life.  Bonus #1 running time 17 min

Bonus #2:  Circle of Blessings  Generessa received this invocation in 1994.  Use it to start the day with your intention to give and receive blessings.  Bonus #2 running time 1 min



 Price: $24.98   SPECIAL PRICE ~ $19.97 
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