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Generessa Rose

Shaman Mystic
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With one foot balanced in normal Earth life and one foot placed in non-ordinary realms, Generessa juggles diverse realities of existence ... a mystic sleuth always on a trail to discover the divine.  Personal and planetary transformation is her focus, and consciousness is her delight-filled and fulfilling playground . . . bridging Heaven and Earth for the betterment of All.

A mystic since her earliest beginning, connection with The Divine has permeated Generessa's life and her work with others. Starting as a very young child, she consciously sought one thing uppermost: to be the purest channel for God that she could be. Generessa's passionate desire for union with The Divine has continued to be an uncomplicated goal in a complicated life.

At three years old, Generessa was blessed by the appearance of inter-dimensional beings who she identified as God's Helpers.  These loving, wise beings assisted her spiritual growth, paranormal development and her ability to travel into other dimensions.

As the years passed, Generessa's paranormal skills became more evident to her. It wasn't until her twenties that she realized most people didn't intentionally go exploring "out of body." In 1990, Generessa's metaphysical footfall led to the diverse terrain of shamanism. After her first "official" shamanic journey with a teacher, it was obvious that shamanic ability was as natural and familiar to her as breathing ... and had been all her life.

Generessa lives in the high desert of the American Southwest.  Because she finds almost everything interesting, it's a bit of a tight fit to create for you a small selection of her earthly interests.  Occupying the list are physical well being, gardening, hiking, snorkeling in tropical locations, and ecology.  She feels deeply connected to the sky, which includes broad landscapes, traveling over this beautiful planet and stargazing.  With a lifelong passion for getting to the root of things, she is also interested in ancient civilizations, off-world existence, quantum reality, and finding commonality in spiritual beliefs.

Generessa is a member of The Foundation for Shamanic Studies, The American Society of Dowsers, The Institute for Noetic Sciences, and The Mutual UFO Network.

Professional Services include: Inner Transformation Specialist, Shamanic Practitioner including Soul Retrieval, Intuitive Consultant, Transformational Dowser, Close Encounter Therapist, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Speaker and Workshop Facilitator.



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One's mind,
once stretched by
a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.

~ Oliver Wendell Holmes



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