Chapter One
Decoding the Divine

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"Earth  Change Meditation" 
Discover - Navigate - Transform

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"One of the great
things about this CD
is that
it does so
many things!"
raves a listener.
  --Discover what's current and coming about Earth changes
--Extend or receive support in problem areas
--Access personal messages, positive energy, & tranquility
--Remain grounded in your heart as you navigate change
--Start your day cleansed, empowered & protected
--Tune-up, transform and stabilize your system

Track 1:   " Earth Change Meditation "   
Length:  31 min.
Earth changes . . .what's true for you?  Using this meditation, you can get your own information about earth changes, local and global, current and coming.  This guided meditation will help you stay up-to-date during these changing times.  You can help yourself and all by navigating personal transformation and earth changes with greater tranquility, wisdom, and balance . . . and by remaining grounded in your heart.

One terrific advantage of this meditation is that it helps you avoid getting snared by external theories about Earth changes and coming events.  How?  Because you go straight to the source to find your own truth.  There are many voices with various theories and conflicting information.  I want to help you out by connecting you with Mother Earth and your Guides, so that you have a personal conversation and get the information that's true for YOU.

In the privacy of your own awareness, the Earth and your spiritual guides can deliver up-to-date information about Earth conditions, changing events, or needs in your local area or some other global locale, big or small, current or coming.  Or you can simply access the steady heartbeat of the planet and share a loving, meditative connection.

In addition, tapping into the expanded awareness that you have available, your intention or question can direct the agenda and enable you to receive beneficial messages about your individual situation or transformation.  You will also become more certain of the support you have.  

In these times of change and transformation, Earth and the energetic web of inhabitants continually need a tremendous infusion of positive energy, a personal and global "tune-up."  This meditation helps you access that energy and spread it . . . which supports the well being of the planet herself, everyone, everything, and yourself.  We're all in the soup together, so do your part to help.  Thanks for everything you do, moment by moment, large or seemingly small . . . it all adds up!

Track 2:
    " Cleanse, Empower & Protect: morning "   Length:  17 min.
With so many things going on in the world and in people's personal lives, it's essential to regularly make certain you are clear and centered so that you're not swept off-balance into drama.  Start your day cleansed, empowered & protected ...a vital foundation for the well being of your body, mind, emotions & spirit. 

This meditative exercise is a great tune-up!  It will help you start the day and move through your life with greater ease, comfort, well being and clarity.  Since it takes only a short time to do, treat yourself every day!

Buy one for yourself and gift a friend 
. . .
Let us all 
work together 
for unity, love, respect & peace on Earth   

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