Chapter One
Decoding the Divine

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You will love to discover the divine by reading

"...a panorama of sublime teachings 
...experiential, intimate and life changing 
...a great book for expanding consciousness ...I had the profound feeling that some pieces in my own cosmic puzzle had fallen into place an abiding sense of comfort and peace a resource for hope and encouragement  ...helps me to focus back onto what's really important 
...compelling ... a profound and moving treatise on spiritual experience and meaning, with a light touch that offsets the weighty matters 
...awakens and activates the sleeping beauty within us..."





*New  Revised  Edition* 
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the Divine

Quantum Consciousness
& Cosmic Connections
within the Matrix
of Everything

by  Generessa Rose

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Exciting, ground-breaking shamanic journeys will ... 
 NOURISH  your heart
     DELIGHT  your soul
         EXPAND  your consciousness
              ENERGIZE  your Pure Spirit 
                 EMPOWER your conscious intentions
                    DEEPEN your connection to the Divine & cosmos

Within the pages of Decoding the Divinejoy
,   spiritualitynew science,  empowerment  and  oneness  are woven throughout Generessa's true shamanic adventures.  You will love reading about divine Genesis Codes as she . . . 
                ~ sensually surfs quantum waves,
                ~ experiences the radiant bliss of divine existence 
                   as a spark of "Godstuff," 

                ~ feels the ecstasy of divine unity within every 
                   cell of every living thing, 

                ~ explores the love and joy of a compassionate 
                   universe that supports uniqueness, 

                ~ witnesses the awesome dynamo that fuels all
                    manifesting and Creation,

                ~ explores a benevolent cosmic culture which
                    lives the Code of Oneness
                ~ learns how to align with the Matrix of Everything
                   and boost the power of Intention

                 ... and much more!

            It's the ultimate "reality show" and you're in it!

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Decoding the Divine is a series of enlightening field-trip reports of a woman's shamanic journeys deep into the awareness of Cosmic Unity.  The problem of translating these experiences has been solved through Generessa's skillful use of language: emotional and cerebral, passionate and unimpassioned, poetic and literal.  I'm very impressed with the caliber and scope of this work.
                    - Bill Russell,
                      Physicist, Mystic, Author

With Spirit-guided travels into the Great Mystery ,  Decoding the Divine delivers out-of-the-box treats to your heart and soul.  Vivid word pictures, feelings and enlightening concepts offer inspiration, comfort, knowledge, joy, love, exhilaration, validation and peace.  The shamanic journeys are delectable delights placed by Spirit along a rapturous spiritual path.  They prove that the deepest truth of everyone's being is the code of loving, blissful oneness of Pure Spirit, whether in Earth cultures or cosmic cultures, no matter the outer appearance. 

The doorway to our deepest, truest reality is in the heart--yours, mine, ours.  Through Generessa's shamanic journeys, we pass through celestial doorways of the heart, and we do it together.  This is experiential teaching--intimate and life changing.  Decoding the Divine gifts us with a panorama of sublime teachings and an abiding sense of comfort and peace.

                              - N. Reese

Decoding the Divine brings harmony, healing and heart to you and helps you find the love you seek within yourself, with others and with The Divine.  To assist this process of deepening and expansion, Generessa delivers practical exercises and uplifting affirmations that help shed old layers of self and reframe personal identity.  Learning about quantum consciousness helps you access cosmic consciousness and empowers your ability to manifest your conscious intentions .

In my energy healing work, I have been able to use several of the new affirmations presented by Generessa.  By focusing my mind on these loving phrases as my hands are held over my clients, I find that the spiritual power of the healing is definitely accelerated.  I feel an increase of the healing energy currents flowing through my hands as I run Generessa's loving affirmations through my mind.  This has been a real breakthrough for me, and I can't thank Generessa enough!
- A. Vogele,

In ground-breaking shamanic journeys into the quantum world, Generessa reveals exciting details about the yin/yang duality code of existence ... the Genesis Code for all manifestation.   The unified "duality dynamo" of The Infinite exists within everyone and everything everywhere, and the reader has a front row seat with Generessa for the show!

Decoding the Divine
is a great book for expanding consciousness.  The perspective is refreshing, as the reader grows from discovering the self as an individual to realization of the self as a part of all creation.  Generessa's command of the language is delightful and feeds the soul as we accompany her on her universal travels.  Many people will benefit from this guide to joyous mystical journeys.
                    - Nancy Clark, Ph.D.,
                      Sonoran Skies Center

Each moment of the day is an opportunity to open your heart, expand your consciousness and increase your enlightenment to embrace more of who you really are.  Each moment holds an opportunity to responsibly and consciously create a happier life and a better world.  Each moment holds the creative potential for change.

Divine Genesis Codes are built in to your body and your being -- standing by as your faithful servants -- waiting for "orders from headquarters" -- You!  You have the freedom, the ability and the power to swim in an infinite ocean of possibilities.  Choose your intentions well.

Other readers are saying . . .

"Generessa has found a way through to other dimensions of truth.  A blythe spirit who dances with these experiences with the natural grace of visiting her neighbor on this earth plane.  Wondrous and wise!"
- Bea Lang


"Little did I know when I started reading Decoding the Divine what kind of ride lay before me.  I use the word 'ride', because it turned out to be much more than me sitting on a chair reading words on a piece of paper.  I quickly found that I could hardly wait for Generessa to take another shamanic journey, because it meant that I was going to "see" something that I had never seen before.

Generessa has a gift in describing her journeys.  It's done in such a way that I felt like I was watching a movie, but that is putting it too simply.  It actually felt more like I was looking through a window that I hadn't looked through before, and I could actually see her experience!

After finishing the book, I had the profound feeling that some pieces in my own cosmic puzzle had fallen into place.  Thank you for taking me with you!" 
                                 - Dan M.

"Decoding the Divine is a resource for hope and encouragement.  Rereading your chapters helps me dig myself out of the pit again and helps me to focus back onto what's really important."  
                                                         - Sherry R.

"Decoding the Divine
is a profound and moving treatise on spiritual experience and meaning, yet with a light touch that offsets the weighty matters."  
                                     - Betty L.

"Decoding the Divine activates and awakens the sleeping beauty within us all." 
                                     - Sue-Ann W.

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